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The ‘Group Work’ I do is actually ‘individual therapy’ within a small group of approximately 7 participants.

I will work with any one individual at a time, but utilize the members of the group to interact with the individual who is primarily working with me.

‘Group Work’ can offer many advantages not found in individual sessions. For example:

  • Interaction with other group members can provide endless opportunities for discovery and increasing awareness. For example, it is not unusual for group members to react to one another in a similar way that they do outside of the group, creating learning opportunities that can be processed safely within the group.
  • Group feedback can be particularly powerful. As others share with you authentically, you are able to validate your experience, and gain new perspective and awareness of others.
  • Most personal challenges are universal, therefore much can be learned from experiencing the discovery process of others.

Group work is usually offered in a series of 6 sessions, with each session being 3 hours per week. The cost of each series is $279+hst.

For more information on attending a group process series, please contact me at 604-612-3144 or david@davidcurry.ca.

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