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About David Curry, MTC

I am deeply grateful to have found a career that I am passionate about, and counselling is my passion.

In my early career I was lucky enough to have had business success as an entrepreneur, creating, growing and subsequently selling, a 100-employee, $10 million in revenue business, from nothing.


After I sold this business, I asked myself what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life. I realized what has meant the most to me in my life has been feeling better about myself. I knew then that if I could also help others feel better about themselves and their lives, I would have found the perfect career. After that realization, counselling became an obvious choice.


Initially I received a Diploma in Professional Counselling from the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training, and then went on to acquire another Diploma in Integrated Counselling from the Cura Institute of Integrated Learning.

After successfully completing my 2nd qualification in Counselling, I decided to continue my training in “Trust-Oriented Therapy (TOT)”, which is a model of counselling created by my mentor, Mahmud Nestman. TOT therapists deeply trust that the resources required for wellness are within the client. My indepth training in TOT awarded me the honor of assisting my mentor with training new therapists in TOT.

My training in TOT led me to the study of Focusing-Oriented Therapy, which is body focusing therapy that allows clients to be aware of themselves at a much deeper level.

My training in Focusing-Oriented Therapy led me to training in what I would now call my main modality of therapy called, Hakomi Therapy. Hakomi Therapy focuses on client self-discovery of their core beliefs and how to self- regulate their emotions relating to these core beliefs. It is a loving and compassionate therapy that produces transformational results.

I am a member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) and designated as a Master Therapeutic Counsellor (#1089)

In my own time, I love music, dancing, hiking, painting, yoga, snowboarding, and time with family and friends.

I am dedicated to continued life long learning in the field of counselling and personalgrowth, as I believe that I can only be of help to others to the depth of my own relationship with myself.

Namaste (I honor the spirit within us),


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